About us

Police officers have to be professional, well disciplined and moral, with the developed skills required to perform the honourable police work

By constantly improving police professionalism through professional development trainings, the Agency for Education and Professional Training continues to give its contribution to the development of capacities of police agencies and their staff in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 



The Agency for Education and Professional Training (AEPTM) was established pursuant to the Law on the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies of BiH, which was enacted by the BiH Parliamentary Assembly on 16 April, 2008. This law, which came into effect on 14 May 2008,  lays down in Article 19 the main responsibilities of the Agency. A decision establishing the Agency's seat and date of beginning of its work was passed on 26 February, 2009, which is considered to be the date when the Agency officially started to function in Mostar.


The main responsibilities of the Agency:

a)     Developing, harmonizing and proposing curriculum plans and training programs in accordance with the needs of the BiH police bodies and other security services and agencies;

b)    Organizing and carrying out education and professional development and specialist training programmes for members of the BiH police bodies and other security services and agencies (basic, specialist, on-going and other forms of police trainings), including:

-     Education of BiH police members at level I to obtain the rank of police officer;

-     Education of BiH police members at level II to obtain the rank of junior inspector;

-    Training for members of agencies providing the services of protection of people and property; 

-    Training for members of detective agencies;

-     Professional trainings (courses, seminars etc.);

- Development of research and publishing activities and contribution to the overall improvement and modernization of police work;

- Library operations; 

- Relevant documentation and record keeping.   


            A period 2009-2014 was both uncertain and dynamic. In spite of a lack of the basic work resources, in the first five years we developed and launched a completely new system of education, training and professional development of police staff from the state level police agencies, with around ten thousand of students enrolled (police officers and civil servants from all government levels).

In accordance with 2014-2017 Development Strategy, in 2014 the Agency started the realization of the capital project – construction of building for the long-term accommodation of the  Agency. According to the detailed design, the Agency's long-term accommodation facility will cover the internal area of ca. 10 000 m2: the teaching, accommodation and administration sections, the sports hall and shooting range. Upon completion of the construction works, the  Agency will have the capacity to provide accommodation and education for 255 police cadets from police agencies of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Simultaneously with the construction, the Agency carries out its main responsibilities, providing basic police training courses and all kinds of professional development trainings. A catalogue of training courses has been developed, which includes 46 different training programmes. Being aware that competent lecturers are required for the preparation and implementation of the police professional development programmes,  the Agency has developed a wide network of associates in the country and abroad.

Being an educational institution, the Agency intends to develop and carry out on a permanent basis the basic police education, professional training and specialist development training programmes for police officers, private detectives, members of agencies for protection of people and property and other security stakeholders as laid down by the law, according to the democratic principles. The Agency for Education and Professional Training applies modern methods, tools and techniques, which adds to the quality education of police officers and their respect for and observance of human rights and freedoms.

Like all other security institutions, AEPTM too strives toward establishing a better  reputation of the police in the society  and transparency of the security institutions and other stakeholders toward citizens by establishing mutual trust and partnership, which improves the feeling of security and the quality of life in Bosnia and Herzegovina.