First cadets in the new building of the Agency for Education and Professional Training


The Agency for Education and Professional Training has opened today the door of its new building for 18 police cadets of the State Investigation and Protection Agency. The training courses will be conducted for eight police cadets taking part in basic Level 1 (rank of
policeman) training, and ten police cadets taking part in basic police training for a rank of junior police inspector.
SIPA police cadets are the first cadets who will undergo a training course in this new set of facilities of the Agency for Education and Professional Training.
To remind, the new set of facilities was built on the area ca. 45.000m, which the Council of Ministers allocated to the Agency free of charge in the military complex Stanislav Baja Kraljević. The accommodation, administrative and teaching facilities, including the sports hall
spread over ca. 10.000 m2. The landscaping is still underway, which includes halls and spaces for martial arts, indoor soccer, handball, basketball, volleyball, and athletic grounds. This complex of facilities is worth 12.192.200 KM.
In view of Covid 19 pandemic, the Agency has taken all appropriate preventive measures following the Recommendations for work organization under the pandemic. The educational process consists of 26- week classess for cadets getting trained for a rank of policeman and 17-week classes for those getting trained for junior inspectors.
Late in March this year, 99 police cadets of the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina completed the basic level 1 (rank of policeman) training programme. Due to Covid 19 pandemic there was no certificate-award ceremony organized for them.