Graduation ceremony for 50 police officers of Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies


50 cadets of Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies were promoted to a rank of policeman in the Agency for Education and Professional Training today with the leading representatives of BiH  security institutions in attendance. This is the 12th class of cadets who have taken part in level-1 basic police training.

The basic police officer training programme for the 50 cadets began on 4 March, 2019. During those seven months, 1336 classes were held, divided into three stages: theory classes with practice sessions, operative training programme and situational classes.

Branko Vukoja, Director of the Agency for Education and Professional Training, stated in his speech at the graduation ceremony that with the basic knowledge gained in the last seven months, the cadets would have to develop their knowldge further while working in their profession. Vukoja said ' the police work requires professionalism, responsibility, determination, commitment and exercise of police powers in compliance with the law'.

Ivica Bošnjak, Deputy Director of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies and Mate Miletić, Assistant to BiH Security Minister stated that 'cadets have chosen an honest and very complex job'. Bošnjak said that the Directorate had received over 1000 applications in the selection procedure, and hopefully selected the best candidates, with future leaders standing among them.

The training programme curriculum consists of 17 subjects: Police duties and powers, Weapon handling and shooting skills, Criminalistics tactics, Technique and Methodology, Traffic safety and police car driving, Special physical education, Physical culture and first aid, Criminal psychology, Constitutional organization and state administration system, Criminal and misdemeanour, and criminal procedure law, Human rights, Informatics and communication, English language and Responsibilities and duties of Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies.

This class of cadets completed the training course with the grade point average– 4.12. The Teachers' Council proclaimed Elda Mejrić the best cadet of the class.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, Director Branko Vukoja awarded letters of recognition to Ivan Pinjuh, Head of Specialized Training Department and Nermin Dumpor, a lecturer of police powers and ethics for their immeasurable contribution to the organization and implementation of the basic and different types of specialized training programmes.