IADLEST: AEPTM accreditation process underway


Mark Damitio, IADLEST Accreditation Programme Manager with his associates started the inspection and assessment of  the Agency for Education and Professional Training as part of the accreditation process, which aims to support development and recognize excellence. The programme was developed by the experts on training and public security standards.

IADLEST is an International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training, which in 2015 started to conduct studies about establishing a model of accreditation in  an attempt to increase professionalim in police training, The intention was to develop a process of accreditation that provides law enforcement agencies with a possibility to show on a voluntary basis  that they fulfill the established set of professional standards, and that they are thus entitled to get a proper recognition by the police training and standards authorities.

The IADLEST assessment process that began today in the Agency for Education and Professional Training is the third of five steps of the accreditation process. The Agency had already done the self-assessment, which is the first and one of the most important tasks when it comes to preparation of training programmes. The assessment is a possibility for the Agency to find out to what extent it corresponds to the accreditation standard and see what should be done for the standards to be harmonized.