ATA USA and AEPTM: Rural border patrol operations


With the professional assistance provided by the Antiterrorist Assistance Programme of the United States (ATA USA),  the Agency for Education and Professional Training organized a specialist training course named 'Rural border patrol operations'.

In the next six weeks members of the Border Police of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 12 participants of the training, will be working together with a team of experienced American instructors: Roger San Martin, Rudy Ayala, Hector Pabon and Bert De La Cruz. The goal of the training is to improve the operational and tactical capacity of individual police officers and unts responsible for preventing illegal entries into the country and goods smuggled into rural border areas. The following thematic units will be elaborated both in theory and practice: arrest techniques, monitoring traces, land navigation, interception, reconnoisance, operation planning, etc. An important part of the training is the knowledge transfer. Hence, the following thematic units will be elaborated: the principles of learning, lesson presentation and teaching management skills, preparation and exercises.

In view of the current security situation and the sharp increase in migrant arrivals in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the neighbouring countries, this training course is expected to improve the protection of the state borders and maintenance of favourable security conditions.