Graduation ceremony for 25 SIPA junior inspectors


The leading representatives of the security institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina came today to the Agency for Education and Professional Training to mark solemnity to the graduation ceremony for 25 cadets of the State Investigation and Protection Agency. This is the 10th class of cadets who took 2nd level basic training course in the Agency.

The training programme for SIPA cadets began on 10 December, 2018 in the Agency for Education and Professional Training. It took 17 weeks, including 745 teaching sessions divided into two stages: theory classes with practice sessions and situation classes. The curriculum consisted of 17 subjects: police duties and powers, weapon handling and shooting skills, criminalistics tactics, technique and methodology, traffic safety and driving a police vehicle, special physical education, physical culture and first aid, criminal psychology, constitutional organization and state administration system, criminal and misdemeanour, and criminal procedure law, human rights, informatics and communication, English language and criminal investigations.


The cadets successfully completed the training course and passed the final examination. Grade Point Average of this class is 4,62 (excellent). The Teachers' Council proclaimed Jelena Krstić the best cadet of the class.

Branko Vukoja, Director of the Agency for Education and Professional Training, Perica Stanić, Director of the State Investigation and Protection Agency and Mate Miletić, Assistant of the Minister of Security gave their speeches to the cadets . They underlined the importance, weight and responsibility of the profession they chose. It is a very demanding and honest job which requires persistence, responsibility, professionalism, team work and compliance with the law. They highlighted that ongoing professional training and development are very important bearing in mind the changing security challenges. SIPA Director said the cadets and the future investigators of SIPA should be aware of the nature of their job at any moment, knowing that they are in the public eye and their private behaviour too has to be respectable, protecting the state and the State Investigation and Protection Agency.

The cadets will take a solemn oath next week and start to work as SIPA investigators.