Specialist training programmes
21. June 2017 - 16:04

Specialist training programmes Our specialist training and professional development programmes are conducted in accordance with the curricula, following the needs and requirements stated by law enforcement agencies. The Training Catalogue consists of more than forty programmes that are frequently modified and adapted to the world's best practices. The Agency actively cooperates with many police training institutions and international organizations (ICITAP, AEPC, INTERPA, CEPOL, DCAF, TAIEX, FRONTEX…), whose work programmes are primarily aimed at improving police training programmes. Catalogue of specialist training and development programmes

1. VIP protection (basic training)

2. Fight against corruption in the Border Police of BiH

3. Fight against terrorism

4. Interrogation techniques

5. Cyber crime investigations

6. Methodology for investigating and proving war crimes and criminal offences

that are punishable according to international law

7. Development of breaching

8. Crowd control

9. Crowd control – training for instructors

10. Crowd control – Recapitulation

11. Police cooperation convention for Southeast Europe

12. Criminalistics and intelligence

13. Arrests and searches

14. Human rights

15. Methodology and didactics training

16. Supervision along the green border

17. Training of mentors of police officers working for a probation period

18. Training to use 'i2' analytical programme

19. Orientation with reference to place and area search (basic training)

20. Basics for handling firearms with long barrels

21. Basic training for instructors from the Service for Foreigners' Affairs

22. Radiation and ionizing radiation training (basic)

23. Topography training (basic)

24. Detecting drug smuggling

25. Police integrity

26. Special investigative actions

27. Police work (basic training)

28. Weapons handling and shooting skills (basic training)

29. Weapons handling and shooting skills (additional development) 30. Weapons handling and shooting skills (basic additional training) 31. Weapons handling and shooting skills (training for instructors) 32. Weapons handling and shooting skills (tactical shooting) 33. TASER handling 34. Special physical education – use of force (basic training) 35. Special physical education – use of force (training for instructors) 36. Human trafficking (legal, criminological, criminalistics and psychological aspects) 37. Improvised explosive devices 38. Warnings of improvised explosive devices (basic training) 39. Introduction to criminalistics technique 40. Introduction to criminalistics tactics 41. Introduction to criminalistics methodology 42. Police dogs handlers (training for instructors) 43. Treatment of injuries in tactical situations 44. Treatment of injuries in tactical situations (training for instructors) 45. Handling digital forensics' sets used for mobile device forensics 46. Basic training for explosion protection service technicians