AEPTM/ PA PHR RC: Third cycle of trainig sessions according to Frontex standards


Today marks the beginning of the third cycle of training sessions "Joint efforts in capacity building: Border protection with respect for human rights" in the Agency for Education and Professional Training. This training program is being carried out in collaboration with the Croatian Police Academy ‘’Prvi hrvatski redarstvenik’’ and is intended for 15 police officers of the BiH Border Police.

During the introductory speech, the Agency’s director Marko Vujević thanked his Croatian colleagues for their cooperation, and informed the training participants they would be working with an extremely competent team of experts recognized in the countries of the European Union.. "We can't do anything alone. Even the strongest EU countries, taking into account all available resources they have, cannot effectively fight the migrant crisis and other global security challenges without cooperation with neighboring countries," - said Vujević and added that a good response to the mentioned problems must be cooperation through interactive training with the exchange of experiences and positive practices, which the Agency for  Education and  Professional insists on, in cooperation with THE partner institutions, one of which is the Police Academy "Prvi hrvatski redarstvenik ".

The head of the Croatian Academy, Josip Ćelić, conveyed the greetings of the Croatian Minister of Interior, Davor Božinović, and Director of the Croatian Police, Nikola Milina, who gave clear instructions about developing cooperation with the colleagues in BiH by sending the best Croatian professional teams. Referring to the time when the Republic of Croatia entered the EU and the Schengen, Ćelić highlighted the 10-year hard work in solving numerous problems, among which the illegal migration as a priority of the MoI of the Republic of Croatia. "These are the people who are the best in the Croatian police in this matter. This is a proof that the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Croatia wants to give maximum help in your education so that you make as few mistakes as possible and achieve your goal as soon as possible" - said Ćelić. He invited the participants to take interactive approach, as "these people have immense experience and all possible answers to the questions you might have". He also emphasized that the police everywhere in the world have the same task – the protection of life, the safety of citizens and property, and the implementation of laws within their jurisdiction, which requires the best possible education for police officers.

 Čelić's deputy, Mirjana Abramović, emphasized the teamwork and the fact that their team's quality was recognized beyond the borders of the Republic of Croatia, as they had been conducting training courses for the European Border and Coast Guard for many years.

"We have connected many projects into teams and we think that this is the only way in which we can all achieve results together and go one step further" - said Abramović.

In addition to Mirjana Abramović, the team of lecturers of the Croatian Academy consists of Robert Kralj, Dubravko Žurga, Mato Kozina, Milena Žuljević, Aleksandar Čubrilo and Krešimir Kaniža. Čubrilo and Kaniža said they were implementing a new model of interactive training, with a lot of work in the field. "I think we have gathered a lot of experience and we look forward to sharing it with you. Ask and be open, you probably face the same problems and have some doubts of your own. We are here at your disposal. Let this training be a two-way street, today you will learn something from us, and we will also learn something from you. And to make a best of it, there must be a synergy between the participants of the training and us as lecturers" - said Čubrilo and Kaniža in their introductory address to the participants.