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The police cadets of SIPA, BP BiH and MoI HNC, 81 of them, who are taking a basic training course in the Agency for Education and Professional Training (AEPTM), have donated blood today. The blood donation campaign was organized by the Agency for Education and Professional Training in cooperation with the Blood Transfusion Center (BTC) of the University Clinical Hospital of Mostar based on an agreement reached by AEPTM director Marko Vujević and head of BTC, dr. Jadranka Knežević.

Blood donation is a noble act, with which each of us can help save lives by enabling a smooth treatment of patients during operations or therapies with blood products. Since the availability of blood varies at the University Clinical Hospital of Mostar, regular blood donation campaigns are useful. Blood donation is a privilege of a healthy person. One dose of blood (450 ml) is processed into blood products/therapies for as many as three patients - the Transfusion Centre representatives explained and thanked the Agency, particularly the police cadets, for their great response. The future police officers have demonstrated to be at the service of citizens in this way as well, said Marko Vujević, director of AEPTM.

Today's blood donation campaign at AEPTM was led by doctors Nikolina Džever and Martina Grgić.