NATO – AEPTM: CTRC Introduction and Educational Needs Analysis


As part of NATO Defence Education Enhancement Programme (DEEP), which has been extended to the Agency for Education and Professional Training (AEPTM) for the purpose of implementing and keeping up the efficient and effective strategic level of education and professional development based on NATO Counter Terrorism Reference Curriculum, the experts of NATO DEEP CT team presented in great detail the above programme to the representatives of AEPTM, SIPA, BP BiH and DCPT at a working meeting in the Agency for Education and Professional Training.

The five-day workshop programme was a detailed presentation of CT Reference Curriculum and NATO's approach to CT education to educate, train and have the most prepared people in the right places / posts at the right time'. The participants of the meeting talked about the specific roles of police agencies and the identification of main topics that need to be developed and integrated into the curricula, including methodology and motivation. At the end of the workshop, the participants were addressed online by Dr.Sajjan M.Gohelom, the Head of NATO DEEP CT team, from London. The conclusions of the workshop have to be confirmed in the NATO headquarters before their implementation. The activities from this project will be ongoing until spring 2025, with an accent on countering radicalization and violent extremism, modern challenges and evolving threats, use of cyberspace technologies by terrorists etc.  

Brigadier Oğuzhan PEHLİVAN, former director of NATO Centre of Excellence Defence against Terrorism Centre from Ankara with which the Agency for Education and Professional Training had successful cooperation and Lidra Zegali, Security Institution Building Advisor at NATO HQ Sarajevo addressed the participants of the workshop, thanked the AEPTM representatives for their cooperation and underlined the importance of the implementation of this project for the security institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Marko Vujević, AEPTM Director, stated in his address that 'we are all one team from the field of security, gathered to defeat the scourge of terrorism'. Vujević thanked the NATO partners and all of those who contribute to this project's success.