The beginning of basic police training course for 50 DKPT police cadets


On September 5, 2022, with the beginning of the new school season the basic police training course – rank of policeman - started for 50 cadets of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies in  the Agency for Education and Professional Training.

After the cadets were received, accommodated and assigned uniforms, 7 female and 43 male police cadets were grouped in two classrooms..

In the amphitheatre of the Atgency the cadets were welcomed and briefly addressed by Director Marko Vujević, underlining the need for a serious approach to the short, but demanding teaching process. The teaching process is organized to last seven months, with 1336 class periods, and learning units from 17 subjects  according to the curriculum. The training course is divided in three phases: theory classes with practice sessions, professional operations training, situational classes with the final exam.

Vujević said 'it is good to see young people dressed in uniforms who chose this honourable job, full of enthusiasm for learning'. As the topo-ranked in the selection process, the cadets are expected to justify the trust  they were given  by proving to be responsiblče and hard-working. ' We provide you with the best conditions and professional lecturers.  cPružamo vam najbolje uvjete i rad sa stručnim predavačima. Make use of it and raise the education to the highest level. Try to be a good team that wins the matches', said Vujević.

The basic police training curriculum for a ranko f policeman consists of the following subjects: Police powers and authorities, Use of weapons and shooting skills, Criminalistic tactics, technique and methodology, Traffic safety and driving a police vehicle, Special physical education, Physical culture and first aid, Criminalistic psychology, Constitutional organization and state administration system, Criminal, Misdemeanour, Criminal procedure law, Human rights, Information and communication technology, English language, and Duties and responsibilities of the Directorate for Coordination of Police Bosies of BiH.