15th class of policemen


A graduation ceremony for 16 police cadets of Brčko District Police, who were promoted to a rank of police officer, was organized in the Agency for Education and Professional Training. It was the 15th class of police cadets who took Level I  basic police training course that was conducted  according to the basic police training curriculum. The 8-month training course was divided in three phases: theory classes, practice sessions and final examination.

Marko Vujević, Director of the Agency for Education and Professional Training handed out the certificates of completion and congratulated the cadets on their results. Vujević said that this class gained good skills and knowledge that they will apply and use in practice in their police stations. „ In this way we build and strengthen the police system of Bosnia and Herzegovina. I believe that these young men and women will keep on developing their knowledge and skills in order to be able to respond to the most complex police tasks. 

„ Our Agency is trying to continuously strengthen the competencies of our lecturers and improve our human resources. We can have excellent facilities and working conditions, but it is the human factor that will motivate the young people and get their maximum in the educational process. My congratulations to the cadets of Brčko District Police who were brave enough to choose this honest and responsible police job at the time of the complex security challenges “, Vujević concluded.

Commander of Brčko District General Police Service Unit, Dragomir Nišić, gave an address on behalf of the Brčko District Police Chief, Goran Pisić. He reminded that Brčko District Police for many years had a good cooperation with the Agency for Education and Professional Training. „ As for this class of police cadets, we believe in their knowledge and skills that you passed on to them. It is up to us, now, to efficiently apply them in practice and help these police officers to become integrated in the new environment and efficiently carry out the complex police tasks“, Nišić added and thanked the lecturers and mentors of the Agency for leading the cadets.

The curriculum of Level I basic police training for police cadets of Brčko District was implemented through these 16 subjects (1323 classes): police powers and ethics, weapon handling and shooting skills, criminalistics tactics, technique and methodology, traffic safety and driving a police vehicle, special physical education, physical culture and first aid, criminal psychology, constitutional organization and state administration system, criminal and misdemeanour, and criminal procedure law, human rights, informatics and communication, English language.

The grade average of this class is very good. Bakir Memišević, as the best cadet of the class proclaimed by the Teaching Council, gave an address at the graduation ceremony: „It is my great honour and privilege to be here, standing in front of you as the best cadet of the class.  Without my colleagues, who were creating good atmosphere that always inspired us to study more, I would have not done it.'