• The peculiar character of the tasks and complexity of the activities performed by SIPA, BP BiH and DCPB are the challenge to the Agency which requires that the process of police education and professional development at the state level is continued and further improved, respecting the change of morphology  and phenomenology of security challenges that the BiH security environment is confronted with.

  • The Agency for Education and Professional Training (AEPTM) commenced its work on 26 February 2009.

    Pursuant to the Law on Directorate for the Coordination  of Police Bodies  and  Police Support Agencies in BiH, which was passed in April, 2008, the Agency for Education and Professional Training was assigned the main role in doing research and providing police and security education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Training programmes

Level I

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Training programme - first level

Level II

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Training programme - second level.


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Specialist training programme



FRONTEX: Joint Curriculum on Profiling and Screening

The Agency for Education and Professional Training in cooperation with the Law Enforcement School of Szeged (Hungary...


ATA USA and AEPTM: Rural border patrol operations

With the professional assistance provided by the Antiterrorist Assistance Programme of the United States (ATA USA...


Training for Firearm Handling and Shooting Skills Instructors

The Agency for Education and Professional Training organized a training for firearm handling and shooting skills...


IADLEST: AEPTM accreditation process underway

Mark Damitio, IADLEST Accreditation Programme Manager with his associates started the inspection and assessment of ...

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About us

The Agency for Education and Professional Training (AEPTM) started functioning on February 26, 2009. Following the Law on the Directorate for the Coordination of Police Bodies of BiH and the BiH police support agencies, enacted in April 2008, the AEPTM was assigned the major role in providing research and education in the field of police education and security in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Pursuant to Article 19 of the Law, the Agency is responsible for: