New cadets of Border Police of BiH falling in


Two days ago, the Agency for Education and Professional Training welcomed 70 cadets of the Border Police of BiH who will be attending the 4-month and 7-month basic police training programmes to acquire a rank of 'junior inspector' (20 cadets) and 'policeman' (50 cadets), among whom there are 10 women.

After signing for uniforms, getting accommodated and learning about house rules, the cadets fell in and saluted at a ceremony at which Branko Vukoja, Director of the Agency for Education and Professional Training, gave a speech.

Branko Vukoja greeted them on behalf of the Agency's staff  and on his own behalf, calling on them to show discipline and work hard. He instructed the cadets to carefully study the house rules and observe them, underlining that 'there are 150 cadets in the Agency right now and that is the only way for the training system in the Agency to function efficiently'. As regards the curricula, Vukoja said the time period for taking up 17 subjects is 'rather tight', encouraging them to take seriously the training in the next 4 and 7 months, as it involves basic police knowledge that they will further increase and develop through practice.

Vukoja reiterated hard and serious work and discipline, which will in the end be validated through certificates awarded to the cadets and their employment in the Border Police of BiH.

Vukoja noted there are 100 more cadets of the Border Police of BiH waiting to begin the training programme in the Agency for Education and Professional Training, and expressed his hope that the new class will be accommodated in the newly built facilities of the Agency.